Berkeley Lab

M2B launches with FY15 LDRD funding

The labwide initiative, Microbes-to-Biomes, has kicked off with five projects funded through the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program.

New FY2015 LDRD projects:

Harnessing the soil microbiome for food and fuel security (Eoin Brodie (ESD)/Peter Nico (ESD) – PIs)

Increasing the availability of phosphorus to plants by engineering phosphate solubilizing plant-associated bacteria (Matthew Blow (GND/JGI)/Adam Deutschbauer (PBD) – PIs)

The Soil Metazoan Microbiome: A key functional compartment of importance to plant health and root C stabilization (Javier Ceja Navarro (ESD)/Trent Northen (PBD) – PIs)

Capturing carbon degrading microbes with fluorescent substrate bait (Tanja Woyke (GND/JGI)/Natalie Ivanova (GND/JGI)/Steven Singer (ESD) – PIs)

Microbiome adaptation in response to environmental challenges (Susan Celniker (LSD)/Ben Brown (LSD) – PIs)